Reduce Cost with Automated, Simple Backups using Google Drive

LinesPay's crucial backup service can help you protect all your data in an organized manner, with a huge amount of available space. With automated backups, you never have to worry about losing data from the system.

Backup to Google Drive

LinesPay is the smart way to transfer all data from the system straight to Google Drive. Simply configure the data source, and the backups will automatically run.

Restore Point Recovery

Easily recover all your data Google Drive at any time, allowing you to collect all past information related to your organization.

Uploading and Attachments

Collect all the data and information from your desktop and many other machines. You can directly upload all required files in zip format to the system

Add-Ons Features

Secured Backup

Create a Google ID for the secure backup of your entire system, featuring authentication processes to ensure security and protection.

Third Party Integration

LinesPay can integrate with 3rd-party devices and still remove all the files the required backup application. Note: files transferred from other devices must be in zip format. 

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