Immerse Yourself In Every Phase of Recruitment - Shape your entire Recruitment Process

LinesPay's self -service solution is strong and stable, allowing managers and recruiters to handle the full cycle of recruitment. Cover all phases, from vacancy descriptions to hiring your perfect new employee.

The Elite Solution for Targeted Recruitment

Simple Review

Easily review the details of each applicant within the LinesPay application. View a list of all applications, allowing the application to recruit the best-suited employee for you. 

Online Portal Integration

Applicants can apply for your job by signing up for alerts or creating an online portal. These accounts are directly integrated to the LinesPay application, to allow your organization to review and judge.

Faster CV Storage

Smart tools allow applicant CV's to be stored in a bank, making them easy to obtain for recruitment interviews and conversations. Store CVs for a dedicated period of time, disposing of them at any time. 


Smart Selection Panel

Pick out your best recruits, selecting suitable and elite employees. Easily alerts applicants of their success by simply choosing their name within the application, generating a notification of approval.

Vacancy & Online Posting

Generate jobs applications, posters, and advertisements with ease. Work alongside recruitment agencies with ease, automatically generating your vacancies to dedicated job websites within your portal. 

Job Templates & Smart Allocation

Promote all key information related to your job requirements, easily edited within the application. With primary roles and responsibilities, faster allocation can be easily achieved within different branches of an organization.

Assessment Outline

Designed outlines can provide a list of all candidates that have applied for your vacancy. Easily review all assessment performance of each candidate, such as tests, exams, and the marks obtained. 

Efficient Recruitment Cycle Management

Manage all procedures of recruitment easily with the LinesPay application. No need to worry about internet connection, develop recruitment processes offline and online.

Accurate Reporting on all Candidates at Every Stage

From the early application process until the very final stages, all candidate progress is recorded, with reporting to summarise their application success/failure.

Schedule New Vacancies to Suit Your Calendar

Highlight the desired time period for your job vacancy being active. State candidate preferences and days of activity. Maintain a perfect calendar for your recruitment process, ensuring it won't interrupt your schedule. 


Job Allocation Status

Vital status reports highlight the real need of new employees for your company. Review department-wide figures of availability and capacity, in addition to how many new employees are required to fulfill vacant positions.

Candidate Status Details

View each different stage of a candidate's application via reporting. Candidate lists can include ranking, shortlisting, application overview, number of offered letters, acceptance and waiting lists. Simple reports to summarise your big data. 

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