Swiftly Process Employee Earnings & Deductions, obeying Official Legislative Regulations

Smart Application features can process earnings and deductions effortlessly within the Payroll Management hub of LinesPay.

The Smart, Efficient Solution of Payroll Management

Salary Breakdown

Breakdown methods of salary processing trouble-free. The smart features allow you to break down employee gross salaries into unique sub-sections.

Multi Payroll Schedule

Employees can be divided by department, group, and sector to create a bulk payment schedule. Efficient and quick payment for large groups, at last.

Flexible Partial Payments

LinesPay's smart application features can accurately process partial payments for your organization, with speedy delivery and scalability.


Automated Salary Calculation

No need to worry about an exact calculation of total salary, leave that to the hands of LinesPay. Get the correct salary generated automatically, by simply providing a few figures.

Refundable Payment

The Smart system can store funds, deducting the correct portions of an employee's salary when required. This can later be returned back to the employee whenever required (E.G. post-tax calculation).

Audits, Government Law & Taxes

Scalable with different audit standards and government regulations, LinesPay is able to follow the legal standard of your country and create an organized payroll procedure accordingly.

Variation Accountability

Create unique codes to suit a single payroll schedule, enabling the easy management of combined and separate accounting processes

Simple Rollback Adjustments

Restore and recover your salary database at any point, with the Smart Rollback procedure. Fix salary processing bugs in just a few minutes.

Bulk Salary refunding

Quick and simple management of deductions and refunds in a simple and trouble-free action. Adjust with each month’s salary calculation in a matter of minutes.


Salary Statement

Create a salary statement showing all salary-related information, including comprehensive payment information. The summary can be configured to include time without payment information. An overall analysis made simple.

Summary Statement

Document salary reports productively with in-depth details. Efficient salary summaries can be generated on a departmental level. View a simple breakdown of employee salaries in seconds.


Generate payslips to suit your client's requirements. With a number of predesigned payslip categories available, the generation of multi-lingual payslip reports has never been easier.

Bank Payment Advice

Integrate salaries individually with relevant banks, automatically generating advise slips and system reports. Save hours on complex tasks with functionality at your fingertips.

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