Train & Monitor Workforce Development effectively at low Cost

LinesPay's training development features allow you to manage and track all training modules within your organization. Our well-structured system helps develop each training module for existing employees, new hires, or interns.

Complete Oversight of Employee Training & Development

Create a Training Method

Create your own style of training facilities from within the application, making your own schedule to ensure trainers can be correctly assigned. 

Assign Trainer-Status to Employees

Smart Trainers can be selected for different training purposes, including the training of new hires. Portal notifications help ensure no training is forgotten. 

Performance Evaluation

Training skills can be judged efficiently with the help of LinesPay, with elite evaluation features to help rate trainers quality.


Training Materials

Organize all the training materials required for a specific module, importing them to a specific schedule that can be easily managed at any time.

Venue Selection

Select desired training destinations in just a few minutes. LinesPay helps you choose the specific location for your workplace training using smart map technology.

Budget Customization

For a specific training schedule, budget customization is a must. The Budget Customization feature can help total daily costs for training, ensuring you can afford to train your employees to the best they can be.

Training Requisition

Advanced features of LinesPay can submit a special training schedule to the appropriate heads of the department from multiple branches. This includes sharing all training details such as the name of employees, trainers and the purpose of the training. 

Upcoming Schedule Notifications

Get quickly notified about all the upcoming training programs. Find out which trainee will be completing the training, where the training will be performed and the time & day of each session. 

Voucher Posting

Create and customize a voucher for specific training, allowing you to easily handle expenses incurred during the training period.

In-Depth Analysis of Training Activities

LinesPay's Reporting can provide smart training summaries. This can include a list of attendees, the name of any trainees, and the training schedule. Wide coverage ensures you can stay in tune with every training function. 


View All Trainees

Easily review a complete list of all trainees performing different training sessions. The same reporting tool can assist in listing all training candidates.

Training List

Have total oversight of all upcoming training sessions, along with the training schedule and timings. New trainees under different schedules can easily be included using unique filtering. 

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