Automate Timekeeping Processes in a Few Short Clicks

Enhance the performance of your organization. Eliminate all paperwork related to time & attendance management. Improve workforce management with centralized attendance policies and procedures.

Complete Innovative Solution of Time & Attendance

Real Time Data Sync

Fast & rapid synchronization of attendance data from any access control device gives you instant access to attendance figures.

Movement Tracking

Tracking is vital for improving the strength and stability of an organization. Centralized location data allows the tracking of employees.

Auto Data Retrieving

LinesPay's smart way of retrieving data from any thirdparty device allows cross-platform compatibility. Data is automatically fed to the system and organized for readability.

Other Features Included:

Late Supervision

Keep your employees in check with the Smart Late Policy tool. Simply configure your requirements inside the application, and it will automatically alert any days an employee is late, taking action you desire.

Employee Rosters & Interchange

Amend shift-work rosters in a few simple clicks. Your work schedule can be maintained effortlessly from the application, be sure you are well-staffed at all times.

Overtime Management

Smart tools allow the central management of all additional employee working hours. LinesPays efficient smart tool is able to calculate any additional time worked automatically for any individual employee.

Time Rounding & Smart Management

Make your working environment comfortable for your staff, by rounding out a time figure in a specified unit. This can help manage the working hours of any specific employee within a designated time

Monitor All Attendance Data

Stay up to date with all employee attendance figures, giving better oversight on individual attendance. Easily view the number of days an employee is active in any specific month.

Active Capture by Geo-Location

The Smart Mobile Application is able to capture attendance from any specific location. This allows all employees to remain active from any place, able to respond to an organization at all times.

Attendance Trend Notifications

View real-time statuses of present, absent & late employees. Efficient sanctions for the breaking of attendance policies can be swiftly delivered following instant notification of attendance trends.


Attendance Timesheet

LinesPay's applications can create an attendance data summary report. View your attendance records in a clear, standard format. Reports can be filtered via department, designation, and shift.

Shift Roster Analysis

Employee shift rosters can be smartly categorized to create summary reports. This includes filter options for individual employees, monthly rosters, weekly rosters, and more. Perfectly track all employee shifts in minutes.

Device Data Approval

All device attendance data can be dynamically fed into the application. All data is available for approval by the user, or the HR Department, to ensure accuracy.

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