Efficiently Manage your Employee Records with Dynamic Information at your Fingertips by the Best HR & Payroll Software

LinesPay allows the collection of employee details in one central place. Their joining date, personal information, contact details, employment contract, payment information and more. All just a few clicks away. Information gathering can finally be simplified for better employee management.

Innovative and Complete Employee Management, Simplified

Eliminate Paperwork

Manual records, filing cabinets, and record books are dated. LinesPay's software collects all vital employee records in one swift protocol. The days of complex paperwork are finally over.

Less Time, More Efficiency

Save time and reduce the strain on your HR department. Using just one smart application increases efficiency with the speedy delivery of important employee data.

Quick-Fire Data Analysis

Powerful search engines within the employee management database let you access the information you need quickly and securely. Complex data in an easy format, right at your fingertips.


Precise & Accurate Information

Key employee information can be modified effortlessly within the application, from basic personal information to educational information and qualifications. Employee files can be as detailed as you like, with fields for extra-curricular activities and even medical information.

Employee Portal

Software includes a Smart Portal to detail all employee-related information. Employee status and even current time zone can be instantly accessed. All items within the Smart Portal can be edited instantaneously by the user.

Ledger Maintenance

Accurate maintenance of Employee Ledger details is a key for efficient accounting management. LinesPay's quick and simple systems able to list all ledger activities, including accounting transactions.

Employee Specialization

This unique feature helps to define the exact designation of an employee. Ideal for newly recruited employees with a specialty or specific working background.

Create your Unique Employee Life Cycle

Define employment history, schedule payments, all for your own analysis at any time. The smart application works on the basis of speed to ensure fast delivery of key information.

Attach Documents

Attach all employee-related information documents such as educational information, certificates, training experiences and more.

Information Asset Management

Record and track all assets assigned to employees, categorized for easy viewing and quick filtering.


Employee Profile Analysis

Get a simple profile summary of employee details, or, use advanced reporting to obtain the full profile information of an employee.

Employment Listing

LinesPay organizes and lists all employees under different categories: regular, temporary, trainee, permanent or probation. All employees can be classified as department-wise, branch-wise etc.

Employee Benefits

The Benefits Feature can be configured to include all increments and current promotions available to an employee. Modification of such records is available any time and can be summarized from the application reporting tool.

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