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PrismERP’s Performance appraisal is a standardized evaluation tool and a well organized systematic method of documenting and evaluating an employee’s job performance and to check the development opportunities for the employees. 

Performance Appraisal, For Sharpened Decision Making

Performance appraisal always inspires employees to work harder for the company and put in extra effort to make the company more successful. 

The principal-agent architecture of PrismERP’s Performance appraisal specifies the informational interaction between the employer and the employee and works as a cornerstone of career development for an organization, including regular assessments of employee performance inside the company. 

The robust features of LinesPay Performance Appraisal Software are meant to assist the organization's manager in making the difficult decision of selecting their best employee. Through this module management can clearly identify the list of upcoming appraisals, employee list with appraisal date, can add rating, add KPI, can also add performance form and many more features are there to make the work super smooth. A super transparent decision with an accurate document can be made in the company without creating any inconvenience. 


Self Appraisal

Employees can rate by their own on different criteria from various groups such as job performance and behavior set by the supervisor and assess their own performance. Through the Self-evaluation process an organization would know how an employee evaluates himself/herself. This method will make the management work easier and will be able to fairly evaluate an employee based on their opinions.

Appraisal Index

List of appraisal will be shown here that has been already created and are waiting to be done/completed. Here the decision maker can see the entire Appraisal to evaluate. If an appraiser wants to evaluate that Performance appraisal form and then click on Add Score Button of that page, a pop up window will appear and there they can see some arrows indicating appraiser Name, rating and shows its point. Management can also add additional notes for this evaluation.

Consolidated Performance Appraisal

Multiple performance appraisal of one employee can be combined here to merge the result for evaluation. Here management can see a list of several performances accomplished by one deserving candidate over the year in the same row so they can decide proper criteria of achievements of the employee.

Goal/Target Setting

Management and employees both can use this option to set the next goal/target. When an employee gets their performance appraisal form, through this option they would mention their next goal/target on that form, then their managers will review those goals to evaluate their performances and even the management can set new goals and targets for employees there.

Upcoming Appraisal Alert

Receive notification of any upcoming appraisals in the following month or year, as well as the employee's name and the date of the appraisal and also receive feedback alerts via the application. No more manual sorting to create a list of employees who need to be reviewed.

Periodic Process

A definite period for the assessment of employees’ performance. Evaluation may be made for the performance of a six month’s period or for the whole period of twelve months.

Promotion Evolution

Within particular user groups, each individual employee profile can be listed. Their performance will be evaluated using a dedicated algorithm, with the results being converted into weight for future raises or promotions.

KPI Weightage and Scoring

KPI Weightage is the level of importance each KPI carries in percentage. Each criterion has a weighting value, which indicates how important it is on a scale of one to one hundred. Well-Behavior is worth 10% of the total score and carries a 10% weighting on the overall score. It enables decision-makers to integrate individual measurements to provide a comprehensive overview of a complete performance scorecard.

Criteria-wise Performance Ratings

Criteria-wise there is a separate option in the module called ‘Add Performance Rating System’. With this employee performance ratings option, management can clearly manage awards and promotions in the company. If any employee is due for a promotion or raise in compensation, the smart application can tell easily.

Reporting On Employee Performance

Using dynamic reporting features, employee performance can be analyzed from top to bottom. Identify the shining stars of the company in seconds by quickly reviewing employee performance.

Benefits of Performance Appraisal

  1. A systematic performance appraisal method.
  2. Smarter evaluation process to find the deserving one.
  3. Encouraging employees to work hard.
  4. Selection of the right employee for the right kind of job.
  5. Identifying employees who have higher potential.
  6. Creating a healthy competitive environment amongst the employees.
  7. Getting a clear view of every year growth rate.
  8. Improving communication skills between management and employees.
  9. Keeping all records of every employee performance over the year.

Industry Coverage

  • Banks
  • Apparel Industry
  • IT Industry
  • Group of Industries 
  • Automobile Industry
  • Multinational Companies 
  • Private Organizationn 
  • Healthcare 
  • Airlines
  • Telecommunication
  • Manufacturing Industry 
  • Shipping Corporations
  • Educational Institution 
  • Agriculture
  • Publishing House 
  • and Covering All Others

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Performance Appraisal at a glance

Performance Appraisal at a glance

The robust features of PrismERP Performance Appraisal Software are designed to assist the organization's manager for selecting their best employees

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