Judge and Evaluate Employee Performance using the Smartest HR Application

LinesPay's automated employee performance review can assist managers in giving consistent performance evaluations with their employees. Whenever your evaluations are scheduled, be ready, with relevant and accurate performance reports.

Performance Appraisal, the Easy Way

Criteria-wise rating system

Create and customize specific criteria for your employee to meet within the application. Employee performance can be judged easily and dynamically within the application, forwarding all information reports to the head of the organization. 

Reviewer Roles

Choose as many individual reviewers as you would like within your company to help rate employee performance. Assign different reviewer levels, with no limitation on the number of reviewers you select.

Cycle-wise Appraisal

Create automated employee performance reviews, ready for you to update anytime throughout your defined cycle.


Performance Evaluation

LinesPay features an advanced method of judging employee performance, utilizing web-based evaluation and dedicated performance criteria. 

Employee Promotion

Easily manage rewards and promotions, with clear performance ratings of each employee. The smart application can make it clear if your employee is due a promotion or increase in salary. 

Promotion Evaluator

Each individual employee profile can be listed within specific user groups. Here, their performance will be judged using a dedicated algorithm, converting their result into weight towards any future raises or promotions

Appraisal Schedule

Get notified about upcoming appraisals, with the application informing you of feedback alerts. Easily generate a list of employees due for review, no more manual sifting. 

Appraisal Indexing

The Index feature within the application highlights the status of each appraisal stage per employee, allowing you to be fully aware of each appraisal step as it's happening. 

Upcoming Appraisal Alert

The Smart Dashboard within LinesPay's Appraisal tab will inform you of any upcoming appraisals in the next month or year, along with the name of the employee and the appraisal date.

Ranked Employee Performance Reporting

Reporting features allow a top to bottom employee performance analysis. Easily review employee performance, identifying your shining stars in a few seconds. 


Awaiting Appraisal

The total number of employees awaiting appraisal is available within a smart reporting format. The dynamic report includes the name of the employee, their department and the expected date of the appraisal.

Appraisal Status

The current status of individual employee appraisals is available for review instantly. Approval fields can be populated upon completion, with smart reporting available to highlight any approvals which have not yet been completed.

Evaluation List

Smart reporting features are able to describe the total number of employees whose appraisal been confirmed and finalized. This includes the name of each employee, their salary increase percentage and any promotions of job title. 

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