Simplify your Loan Process for Any Employee in Your Company

LinesPay's application offers a variety of loan facilities to suit you. Easily specify unique loan criteria on an individual basis for any individual employee

Loan Management Made Simple and Easy

Auto Deduction

LinesPay's Smart Deduction feature is able to dynamically deduct the required loan portion automatically from the salary of concern. 

Single & Multi Installments

Create both single and multi-instalment loans while specifying a minimal return percentage. Easily manage your loans within one central hub. 

Loan under Deposit

Create loads based on individual salary figures. Easily issue loans using a fixed percentage deposit, as required by the employee. 


Interest Based Loan

Loans provided by your company can be individually configured to include interest, along with a minimal percentage deposit based on the loan amount. 

EMI System

Following the international standard, LinesPay's system can generate a variety of different loans, including an EMI Loan Feature.

Preferred Account Settings

Account handling for receivable and payable loans can be easily managed from one central place. LinesPay can even issue loans on your behalf when configured. 

Multi Approval Layer

The Smart Loans provide the legal requirement of multi-layer approval for each loan. You can assign different approval levels to senior members of staff with ease, ensuring loan security. 

Convenient Repayment & Adjustment

Reshape your payment schedule from within the LinesPay system, easily adjusting the repayment time period for each employee loan. Create multiple payment procedures for quicker and easier repayments, this will automatically adjust deduction figures for you. 

Simple Loan Tracking & Management

Stay up to date with each and every loan within your organization, with a dashboard overview of each loan status. View a summary of each loan including the date of loan issue, current loan status, and balance.


Loan Details

Summary reports provide an in-depth outlook of multiple loans currently active. Easily view the current loan schedule, along with the schedule type, total and interest percentage

Loan Summary

The Loan Summary Report generates all the information, ordering according to loan type and employee information. Easy oversight of loan payment processes, payment method, and the total amount of each loan. 

Loan Status

Get every update and status of all loans quickly via the advanced reporting features. This reporting makes analysis simple, informing you of the status of each loan. Pending, registered and verified loans can be viewed with ease. 

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