Automated Fund-Related Transactions, Making PF & Gratuity Trouble-Free

LinesPay allows total oversight of fund calculations in one place. A simple and fast way to receive accurate fund & transaction reports. Welcome to worry-free fund management with LinesPay.

The Seamless Solution for PF & Gratuity

Configurable Refunding Policy

Improve your refund abilities using LinesPay's smart application features. Configure role-based refunds according to service, month, and more.

Personal Information Storage

Store in-depth, detailed information about your employees. Get a precise, clear concept of unique employee profiles to configure a sensible fund holder.

Employee Benefits

LinesPay's smart application features allow the speedy process of partial payments. Prevent miscalculation and human error with accurate accountancy and scalability for your company.


Auto PF calculation

Automatically calculate all existing and previous provident funds. Utilise smart system functions for simple fund management, organization-wide. All within one application

PF Contribution

Take percentage amounts of employee salary deduction and easily convert them into provident funds. This key functional task becomes simple, with the application handling all calculations.

Role Based Distribution

Effortlessly construct refund rules. Configure your application to automatically calculate income percentages of each employee within a specified period, including contributions as a provident fund.

PF Accounting Process

Review individual employee contributions and distributions. Smart and unique account configuration allows simple employee management, utilizing smart system functions.

Lapse Fund Management

Get the most out of smart lapse management. LinesPay helps you control the financial amount an employee is able to work within a certain period. In the event this figure is not met, the system will automatically manage excess fund money within a lapse fund account. 

Gratuity Computation

The intelligent Gratuity Function can be controlled and processed easily from within the application. It dynamically follows a preset algorithm, as well as featuring a customizable function, dependent on the employee's performance within a dedicated period.

Employee PF Analysis

Efficient reporting highlights all PF history for each employee, ensuring your oversight of all funds and transactions.


PF Analysis

Fund reporting features can include detailed profile information for each employee, with options to view individual employee fund reports. Create balance reports based on individual employees for swift management.

Income Distribution Summary

Overall income distribution to each employee, plus the amount that has been divided or provided to an individual employee, can be viewed in unique reports. Each detailed report includes calculations of distribution for individual employees.

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