An Elegant Solution to manage Closing Financial Settlements of Employee Termination

LinesPay can easily maintains all remaining finances and settlements due when an employee leaves your company. This includes employee-assigned assets and transaction-related information due for return. Complex settlements can finally be made easily manageable LinesPay.

Complex Final Settlements Made Simple

Handle Various Settlement Types

Manage different settlement types from the termination policy within your company. Simply provide your policy requirements and allow LinesPay to finalize the rest. 

Securely Return Employee Assets

Assets provided to an employee from your organization can be easily handled and returned. LinesPay offers transaction services in the event of any damage to the asset. 

Create & Approve Payments

LinesPay's smart system can create and approve all remaining final payments, facilitating the easy settlement of any remaining financial transactions


Release Claim of Employment

Claiming release for an employee becomes comfortable and simple within the application. Claims can include termination or intentional release. Enjoy the smartest way to prevent unfair dismissal claims. 

Highly Intelligent Calculations

Calculate all payroll-related processes automatically with just a single click. Professionally enhance financial settlements when an employee leaves your place of work. 

Sudden Leave Recovery

Account for contingencies, covering all important recovery factors in the event of an employee leaving without notice. Using the smart application, easily handle resources for efficient recovery in the event of an employee quitting

Multi-Layer Approval

LinesPay provides several approval layers for final settlements. Easily assign different levels of privilege in your organization to ensure senior roles are appropriately issued. 

Adjustable Settlements for Leaving Employees

The advanced system allows you to edit or modify all changes required for remaining settlements; even after producing the final calculation. If changes are required after the settlement process, it can be easily handled within LinesPay

Final Payment Summary Analysis

Relieve all payment-related anxiety with swift and a swift and efficient summary analysis. A summary of the total payment to a specified employee is available at any time within the LinesPay application. 

Generate Leaving Settlements with a Simple Process

Detailed billing procedures are available at any time, ready to be sent to department heads and accounting teams. Settlement bills can be configured to show the total amount of payment due to be released upon an employee leaving.


Settlement Payment Status

The total figure of final settlements, along with a final payment status report, can be generated within the application. This allows you, as a manager, to gain a clear understanding of any payments paid, pending or processing. 

Payment Settle Summary

The overall payment summary of final settlements is available for view under one report. This reporting includes the date of payment, total payment figure, department, and the number of applicable employees. 

Overall Bill Closing

The payments made to an individual employee before leaving is provided in a bill format. This report provides signature confirmation to the employee that all financial settlements have been officially handled. 

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