Define Your Own Leave Types, Reduce your Work Effort, Achieve with Proper Holiday

Offer every kind of employee leave, with an attached approval process. Get a clear picture of leave balance, history and leave schedule while reducing cost and manpower. Finally, streamlined absence & leave procedures.

The Complete Solution for Leave & Holiday Balance

Increase Accountability

Use dedicated Smart Policies for leave processes, making your accountability flexible. LinesPay can provide you with your perfect Leave Application Platform. 

Streamlined Termination Process

LinesPay's Smart Application dynamically calculates excess employee leave when following your organization's termination policy. 

Leave Status in Employee Portal

Share your leave policy, and the current status of leave per employee, within a lightweight User Portal with a stylish smart interface. 


Leave Increment Policy

Leave increment processes can be automatically generated through the application on a pro-rata basis or employee performance. Manage and judge your leave process with ease.

Carry Forward

The application features a smart way to carry forward remaining leave within a certain period, which can be transferred and adjusted within the new period.

Leave Cash-In

The Cash-In feature allows your employee to convert any remaining leave into cash. The smart application can automatically generate all remaining leave into cash as an additional benefit to your employee.

Customized Leave

Create your own leave policy, with the option to select a dedicated amount of days for any specific employee. Perfect for a selective organization with their own specific holiday and leave days.

Email Integration with Notification Alert

Recommend and approve all leave processes with the assistance of full email summaries of an applicant. Saves time with smart emails directly hitting the system, activating your leave approval.

Smart Calculations of Leave Integrated with Payroll

Manage the calculation of leave and time without pay effectively & easily. Use Smart Features to manage payroll deductions of basic or gross salary.


Leave Status

View the current condition of all leave within a summary report. This can include the application procedure, availability of leave, approval requests, and more. Get a clear summary of an employee's leave usage in a few clicks.

Leave Details

Summarise all leave processes and types for your entire organization. View leave policies specific to any individual employee in a clear reporting format.

Leave Deduction

Efficiently handle leave deductions from the existing employee leave. Dynamically create a document or report, summarising the current amount of leave deducted, allowing you to take the right action.

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