An Elegant Solution for a Central Cost Centre, with Elite Budget Provision for Individual

LinesPay's system can maintain each individual section within your budget. Easily view budget per task or project. The Cost Centre Feature can be organized efficiently, in order to track and maintain accurate budgeting for your organization.

The Complete Solution for a Smart Budget

Category Visualization

View automatically generated graphs of expense within the Budget & Cost Centre hub. Snap to popular categories within a smart front-panel view of the entire application. Finally, you can be aware of your entire budget per project. 

Elite Payroll View

New payroll objects can be created and assigned to your budget easily. Select item by item, viewing dedicated different categories within the heart of the Cost Center. 

Real-Time Synchronization

Speed up your business activities. Using a smart, centralized application with rapid data movement allows the faster flow of business processes.


Budget Scenario Creation

Create multiple scenarios based on sector activity to help you envision the perfect budget

Smart, Accurate Forecasting

LinesPay's intelligent algorithms are able to estimate future financial outcomes, assisting in the allocation of company resources. 

Efficient Distribution Feature

Filter by category or activity, selecting distribution options which suit you. Options can be filtered to suit your planned timeline. 

Summary of Expenses

Intelligently compare & evaluate planned expenses against approved budget figures, all in one place.

Yearly Expense Comparison

Review annual overall expense using the application's smart graphics tools. With the simple graphical view, you can analyze the overall expense each year (or consecutive years), giving you total control. 

Monthly Alerts and Summaries

Stay alert with monthly financial activity status summaries. The innovative cost management of your entire organization is available to you in a matter of seconds. 

Expense Trends

Review dynamically dedicated charts of specified periodic expense in the dashboard of the application. Here, you are able to view your estimated budget against the current budget status. 

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