Comparison of Payroll software of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the second fastest growing economy of 2016 driven by its exports of ready-made garments, remittances and the domestic agricultural production. The country chased its economic growth mainly through export-oriented industrialization. With the emerging economy, the number of organizations, start-ups, factories, enterprises are also increasing at a rapid rate. Therefore, in every industry and business sector recruitment of workers are never at a halt.

The expansion of human resource in every organization demands an organized structural flow. It becomes a necessary step for the organizations to produce error-free results without spending much time on Human resource related tasks. Besides, the HR & payroll department also oversees the income tax related procedures which are often elaborate and are prone to mismanagement. 

To avoid such mistakes and complete the HR & payroll related tasks, organizations in Bangladesh are keen on finding an all-in-all platform to maintain the HR and payroll functions from a centralized host. 

Observing the growing demand for HR & payroll systems throughout Bangladesh, the tech software companies have surveyed the industries and the HR, payroll norms of organizations which resulted in the development of numerous HR and payroll systems in the market.

We have explored the softwares in the market which more or less renders the mentioned functionalities and selected some of the bests in Bangladesh. Let’s take a look at the features of each of the systems and their workability.


Syntech Solution Ltd

Syntech solution provides a web-based solution for a HR department of a company catering both employees and the HR administrators. Employees can have the ESS facilities which provides information on duty, pay policy, leave. The HR admins can achieve the whole database accessing all information about each and every employee. Some of the significant features of the HR & payroll are: -

Employee detail profile

Employee performance evaluation

Employee training

Employee termination and pension

Employee recruitment 

Employee experience, personal information 

Income tax, deductions, banking and provident fund

Individual or group salary provision

Generation of pay-slip

Generation of reports related to branch, department, employee attendance and leave, payroll and bonus. 


Roopokar HR & payroll software provides an intelligent human resource and payroll management system operating in both online and offline mode. To plan workforce and manage workflow with least amount of resources are the topmost functionalities of this system. The software is a one stop solution which also offers integration tool to support any other operational modules or functionalities. Some of the features of this HR & payroll system is given below: -

Employee management

Performance management

Leave management

Corporate scoreboard

Attendance management

Holiday management

Announcement Section

Award Section

Bulk attendance report upload facilities

Departments of company section

Employee Designation section

Office Shift management

Employee clock in and clock out system from employee panel

Payroll Management Module

Expense Section

Provident fund management system

Salary management

Increment management

Bonus/allowance management

Loan management

Job Post Section

Job Application Section

Resume Search

Resume Management

Interview Management

Admin Role Configuration

Daily Report section

Admin panel for both HR administrator and Employee

Employee activity log system

Permission assign section

All report charts

User Management

Task assign system for individual employee

Crystal IT- shorol

Shorol is a web and desktop-based HR & payroll management software. The system manages an entire setup of a payroll process of an organization like salary structure, employee wise salary, income tax, loan deductions, late policy, hourly salary, salary sheet, salary adjustments, monthly salary adjustments etc. Besides it has a wide range of other HR functionalities which are:-

Roster Management

 Shift Setup

 Roster Plan setup

 Roster Plan Details

 Roster Details of Employee

Recruitment Management 

 Job vacancy Announce

CV Submitted

 CV Short List

 Interview process

 Result published


Attendance Management

 Work Hour Setup

 Manual check in/out

 attendance through card/finger print

 over time

 Attendance data adjustment

Leave Management

 Leave Type



 Summary (include in Avail & Total Leave Taken)

Bonus Management

 Bonus Setup

 Bonus Processing

 Bonus Adjustment

Training Management

 Training Details

 Announce for Application




 Course & Questionnaire


Employee Management 







Other qualification

Service Management






Performance Management (KPI)

KPI Matrix Indicator

Corporate score board

performance benchmarking

Performance Evaluation Report

Payroll Management 

Salary structure

Actual Salary



Provident Fund

Salary Sheet Generate Monthly

Loan(provident fund, house loan, Tax)


MIS Reports

Employee Information

Salary Information 

Leave Information

Attendance Information

Others Report

Silent Feature: 

Mail & SMS sending.


Kormee offers a full HR & payroll cycle solution. The software manages the entire life cycle of an employee. The system is ideal to establish policy, procedures and proper practices in the organization. The payroll solution of Kormee includes integration tool to integrate with any other attendance devices all connected to a central system. The system generates pay-slip, reports, benefits, increments, overtime, income tax, provident fund deductions, lunch & transport allowance and so on. 

The software also includes Loan and advance, bonus management and numerous reports such as:-

Employee Information

List of active employees

Category wise employee list

List of newly joined employees- Date range wise

Date of separation wise employee list

Date range wise promotion information

Employee promotion letter

Transfer information

Increment Letter

Appointment Letter

Job Confirmation Letter

Employee bio-data

Gender wise total employee

Leave Reports

Employee Leave Transaction

Leave Summary Report

Monthly Leave record

Attendance Reports

Continuous Absent Report

Daily Attendance Report

Daily Absent Report

Daily Present Report

Daily Late Report

Daily Attendance Summary

In Punch Miss Report

Out Punch Miss Report

JOB Card

Payment Reports 

Salary Pay-slip

Monthly Salary Sheet

Salary Summary Sheet

Bonus Disbursement Sheet

Bank Advise


The HRMS of GenIT connects the human resource management system and information technology in a single platform. The software focuses on automating the HR & payroll tasks and simplifying payroll processing and workforce management. The detailed features are given below:-

Employee Management:- 

Manage employee details like attendance, salary, leave, promotion etc

Dynamic Sign In and Sign Out

Employee login

Set Employee Salary

Attendance/Leave Management

User-friendly, flexible and full Employee Attendance Management (manual/fingerprint)

Download attendance report in pdf

Set office In and Out time

Automate early or late leave count

Leave Balancing

List of public and company holidays

Attendance and report (employee/date/department wise)

Project Management 

Project lists and project information

Team creation

Assign team to individual tasks

Logistic support

Expense Management 

Expense category

Expense reporting and approval workflow

Download expense reports

Assets Management 

Add asset (category and asset)

Asset details

Payroll Management 

Manage employee information

Define the emoluments, deductions, leave etc

Full and Final statements

Manage salary structures

Generate Payslip at the convenience of a mouse click

Generate and manage the payroll processes according to the salary structure assigned to the employee

Loan Management 

Define Company and employee share

Accumulation plus interest upon retirement, resignation and death

Automation with payroll

Notice Board 

Create notice and manage notice

Notice publish/unpublished

Training Management 

List of all training program that company has

Records all the employee's training records

Cost Management for employee training system

Training evaluations


Add award

Manage award

Divine IT Limited- Linespay 

Linespay is a web-based all-in-one HRM solution which runs independently on any platform, has a user-friendly interface with an easy to deploy architecture. This system matches with the user’s present and future strategies and workflow. The payroll functionality includes the basic features and along with that Future Payroll Procedure, a feature managing old and existing loans, allowances and other earnings. The feature list of LinesPay is shown below:-

Employee Management

Department Wise Employee

Employee Profile & Information

Group or Individual wise Employee Profile

Employee Ledger

Employee Pay scale

Employment Information

PF Opening Balance

Batch Shift Change

Attendance Information Modification

Employee Promotion

Employee Transfer

Employee Separation

Employee Rejoining

CV & Image Attachments 

Batch Wise Employee

Employee Release

Salary Sheet Individual

Employee Resignation

Employee Data Translation

Employee Qualifications Management

Branch Wise Employee

Total Employee Salary Control

Employee Distribution Portlets

Employee Operation Records

Retirements & Termination Procedure

Employee Specializations

Employee ID Cards

Employee Evaluations

Employee Signature Management

Employee Separation & Rejoining

Employee Distribution Portlet

Department Configuration

Employee Configuration

Employee Asset

Employee Asset

Asset Assignment

Asset Release

Time & Attendance

Attendance Information

Attendance Trends & Daily Summary Portlet

Attendance Device Data 

Post & Unposted Attendance Device Data

Restore Attendance Data

Attendance Device Connectivity

Raw Data Posting

Daily Timesheet

Attendance Verification Control

Individual & Overall Employee Attendance

Late In & Early Leave Policy Management

Overtime Management

Shift Schedule Management & Status

Shift Time Slot Management

Time Rounding & Skip Over Information

Import or Upload Attendance Data 

Single Employee Attendance 

Attendance Configuration

Attendance Device Settings

Shift Roster

Shift Schedule Status

Single Shift Roster

Roster by Shift Sequences

Shift Swapping

Swap Employee

Current Shift

Employee by Shift

Off Day Shift

Swap Approval

Recommend Shift Swap

Mail Recommendation Shift Swap

Rollback Shift Swap

Leave & Holiday Management

Late Deduction Policy

Leave Deduction Policy

Leave Application Management

Recommend Leave Application

Leave Application Approval

Revise Leave Applications

Leave Balance

Unauthorized Leave

Leave Status

Leave Category

Leave Encashment

Encashment Payment Procedure

Leave Approval Layer

Maternity & Paternity Leave & Billing

Encashment Paid Status

Bill Approval Layer

Upcoming & Future Holiday Schedule 

Special Holiday Management

Leave Carry Forward Process

Employee Leave Configuration

Payroll Items

Payroll Items Generation

Location Dependencies

Payroll Item Translation

Pay Scale

Pay scale Information

Employee Wise Pay scale

Pay Scale Salary Grade

Pay Scale Grade Data Wise Salary Batch

Employee Salary Increment

Pay scale Data Management

Payroll Schedule

Employee Opening Balance

Voucher Integration

Multiple Employee Vouchers

Salary Payment Vouchers

Payroll Payment Procedure

Employee Ledger Integration

Schedule & Unscheduled Payment

Sales & Overall Bonus Payment

Advance Salary Payment Procedure

Extra Overtime Payment

Refund Payment

Payroll Earnings

Irregular Payroll Liability

Irregular Salary Calculations

Refund Interest Calculations

Payroll Activities & Liabilities

Payroll Expense Portlet

Tax Rules

Payroll Reimbursements

Department wise Expenditures

Payroll Vendor Management

Unpaid Payments Management

Loan & Advance

Financial Loan

Employee Loan

Salary Loan & Advance

Employee Salary Advance

Loan Verifications

Loan Approval Layer

PF Loan

Mobile Loan

EMI Loan

Loan Payments

Employee Loan Disbursement

Loan Repayments

Repayments Schedule

Reschedule Payroll Loan

Loan Repayment Issues

Loan Outline

Loan & Advance Salary Configuration

Home Loan from Company

Upcoming Loan Payment Vouchers

Bank Wise Loan

Loan Payment Requirements

PF & Gratuity

PF Income

Employee PF Income

PF Refund Rules

PF Schedules

Auto PF Calculations

PF Journals 

PF & Gratuity Configuration

HR Cost Center

Cost Segments

Cost Segment Assignment

Cost Center Dashboard

Monthly Wise Expense Summary

Cost Center Wise Expense Summary

Department Wise Expense Summary

HR Budgets

HR Cost Center Budgets

HR Expense Trend Portlets

Budget Vs Expense Portlets

Yearly Expense Comparison

Recruitment & Selection

Job Requisition

Batch Wise Requisition

Candidates Requisition Vs Accepted

Recruitment Recommendation

Recruitment Approval

Job Requisition Summary

Vacancy Requisition

Job Allocation

Manpower Status

Job Templates

Candidate Academic Information

Additional Responsibility

Job Terms & Conditions

Job Benefits

Job Responsibility & Declaration

Vacancy Information

Vacancy Candidates (Short & Wait)

Final Selected Candidates

Candidate Results & Ranking

Recruitment Schedule Management

Interview Boards

Online Candidates Management

Recruitment Offer Information

Job Acceptance Information

Candidate Training Information

Candidate Mark Assignment

Assessment Schedule

Vacancy Closing

Vacancy Posting or Publishing

Candidate Schedule Maintenance

Performance Appraisals

Upcoming Appraisals

Individual Employee Performance Appraisals

Performance Appraisal Score

Appraisal Approval Layers

Appraisal Pending for Scoring

Make Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal Evaluation

Performance Rating System

Performance Criteria (Single or Group)

Performance Appraisal Form

Performance Criteria Group Weightage

Employee Specialization

Unit of Measurement Specialization

Specialization Types

Specialization Category

Specialization Items

Specialization Terms

Training Management

Training Organization

Organization Information

Training Materials

Training Budget

Training Status

Training Cost Management

Training Schedule

Budget Expenditure Summary

Training Calendar

Training Venue

Trainer Management

Training Wise Trainers

Timeline & Duration Maintenance

Training Attendance

Training Evaluations

Training Vouchers

Schedule Wise Training Vouchers

Training Activities

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