How PrismATS utilizes Biometric Verification System for the apparel industry to provide the best recruitment system.

Having the right workforce at the right time during peak production is a challenge for the recruiting team in the apparel industry. Factories in the apparel industry utilizing a skilled workforce for their production lines can take advantage of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that offers a variety of functionalities that can help the organization find, hire, and retain the best candidates.


Job Description from PrismATS

The RMG sector is one of the major employment sectors in Bangladesh where automation is a fact of life in apparel production. According to numerous surveys, only 21% of organizations use very structured and detailed job descriptions and specifications, compared to 36% who use well-structured and 43% who use slightly structured. Here PrismATS provides the ability to create a structured and detailed job description.

Biometric Verification System for Candidates

Still now in the RMG sector, the hiring procedure for employees is largely informal and follows internal hiring i.e hiring through employee reference. Almost 50% of the employees are hired through internal reference and 36% through walk-ins. To overcome the complexities of manual hiring, PrismATS comes bundled with a range of features to enable automated recruitment processes for the hiring team. The key feature of PrismATS is that it incorporates a robust Biometric Verification System feature to have the most accurate tracking for the candidates, which is one of the most vital needs in the Apparel Industry. PrismATS establishes a bridge between manpower planning and forecasting where the talent acquisition team ensures the availability of workforce as per the demand forecasting of the industrial engineering and production team to match the production goal. An advanced ATS equipped with modern functionalities is what any big production house requires in this industry to sustain its competitive position in the global market with a highly structured recruitment process.

Automated Skill Matrix Technology

In the RMG sector, PrismATS (Applicant Tracking System) minimizes 70% to 80% of the time for on-time recruitment through a faster biometric enrollment process.


Effective talent acquisition can be easier than ever by managing department-wise automated skill matrix technology. Through a few steps, PrismATS allows tracing of all previous records (ex: Job history, Compliance issues, Health issues, Previous job responsibility) of an individual/worker by using their fingerprint. It converts the traditional recruitment strategy with lots of manual processes into a single platform with a centralized workforce database. All classes in the apparel industry vis a vis, Knit, woven, sweater, spinning, textile, denim, and composite can be automated with biometric verification to hire the best workforce by utilizing PrismATS.

Comprehensive Reporting for Management

RMG industries often face the general challenge of worker shortage for on-time incoming order placement. PrismATS offers a stable supply of workforce through real-time comprehensive reports cutting the hassle down to a minimum. It will make the RMG industries 60% cost-effective by avoiding manual recruitment. The skill database is the finest solution to find out the appropriate workforce for ad-hoc consignment. Management can pick the right individuals/workers by identifying the best fit for the specific consignment. Each individual/worker details can be tracked from the database including proper visibility of their working efficiency, health conditions, and real-time engagement with other projects.

By adapting the latest technology, PrismATS foresees transforming the onboard scenario of the RMG sector into a worldwide standard by maximizing revenue and minimizing the maintenance cost. Organizational benefits and economical growth both can be ensured by the automation of PrismATS.

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