PrismATS, The ultimate solution for talent acquisition teams to do more with less

Since there are numerous professionals employed by businesses nowadays, hunting and picking the right talents for an organization can prove to be quite a challenge if not done efficiently. Carrying out the recruitment process manually for accurate assessment, verification, and other relevant processes that involve hiring a quality resource is quite difficult. A modern applicant tracking software means you'll attract the right candidates, and will have the opportunity to select the perfect one for your organization.


PrismATS, Simplify The Way You Recruits

Introducing PrismATS (Prism Applicant Tracking System), which promises to reduce menial complexities in the overall recruitment process for an organization, all while cutting recruitment costs by 83%. PrismATS will help you increase the number of direct candidates by at least 4 times in 80% less time that you would spend using other conventional methods.

Avoiding manual recruitment, assessment, and employee verification allows companies to simplify their day-to-day activities. All of those processes could be conducted digitally from a single platform making it 40% faster and easier for the companies to recruit accurate professionals for their respective job roles.

PrismATS provides a comprehensively integrated and automated recruitment portal which attracts direct candidates to apply for multiple job roles and trace the job availability. From job requisition to running the job post in the job portal, PrismATS saves valuable time for the administrators, reducing manual efforts for the organization. It helps in automating the assessment procedure and interview scheduling process which makes hiring more efficient.

Managing all of the candidates from one central system rather than multiple job portals allows the concerned person to review the candidate's profile as well as classify the candidates skill matrix. Companies can keep track of individual details and recall the employees through analyzing skill databases and workforce databases for further needs. PrismATS utilizes each employee's/worker's fingerprint which is associated with the individual employee profile. By this way, any worker/individual can be quickly verified against the current database for their previous employment records.


Further action can be taken as necessary depending on the basic information, assessment history, previous job history, medical history of an employee which are recorded in the employee records.

To enhance both the operational efficiency and organizational profitability, PrismATS is the best solution for any kind of industry. Hiring the best professionals is now easier than ever with PrismATS.

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